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I'm having trouble logging in.

When you start using WunderPebble, you first need to authenticate your credentials with Wunderlist so that WunderPebble can get a token to access your information. During this process, some people have experienced issues that don’t allow them to complete this process.¬†These are some of the known issues that can lead to problems logging in:

  • The version of Wunderlist you are running, is not up-to-date.
    Update to the latest version.
  • Your Wunderlist credentials are incorrect.
    Attemp to login to¬†with the same credentials, if that doesn’t succeed, attempt to recover your password.
  • When saving Wunderlist token, nothing happens.
    Sometimes, it can take several seconds for the data to transfer to the Pebble. Make sure your Bluetooth connection is good.

If you experience a problem not included here, contact me so I can take a look at it.


Why don't you support X feature?

Many people use to-do lists in very different ways. For that reason, some features are more important to some than others, and some would prefer certain things done differently that others. On top of that, there is also the limited time that I have to work on the app.

When building Wunderpebble, I try to make sure that the most basic and important features are added first. Then I add in new features as I can. I try to build things in a way that will be most useful to the majority of people, but I will also be adding some new options to Wunderpebble’s settings. Look for them in future releases (2.1+).

Also keep in mind that I am using the Wunderlist API on a devices with limited resources. I will do my best to improve efficiency in the app, but some things will still take a lot of time and effort to implement.

How do I change my Wunderlist account?

Re-authorization ExampleTo change your account or reauthorize, go into the WunderPebble Settings and click on the reauthorize button. You will be taken to the Wunderlist login and prompted to enter your email and password to login again.


This was probably the most requested feature and took a long time to reverse engineer a way to accomplish this. I hope users with multiple Wunderlist accounts can finally enjoy all the benefits of WunderPebble.


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