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A Brand New Wunderpebble

Full color and support for the Pebble Time Round are just a few of the features in the new Wunderpebble. Want more?

Simple is Productive

No constantly checking your phone. Everything is exposed at a glance, right on your wrist.

Familiar Workflow

All your lists and tasks organized exactly like Wunderlist. Nothing new to learn.


One Click Complete

Done with as task? A single long-click on the task will mark it complete.

Tasks View

WunderPebble lets you to see all of your tasks just the way you do in Wunderlist. Tasks are organized and grouped just like they are in Wunderlist and you can mark them complete right from your task list with a simple long-click of the middle button.

Lists and Folders

Lists and folders are organized for you just like they are in Wunderlist, allowing you to organize all your to-dos in whatever way works for you. WunderPebble also includes special lists such as Inbox, Today and Week so you get a quick view of important tasks.

What Our Users Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our users do the talking!

“I enjoy WunderPebble so much, I just don’t know how I did my supermarket shopping before.”


“I just got my first pebble yesterday (a pebble time) and your app is already indispensable to a to-do list addict like me”

Sarah Arnold

“The game changing app I didn’t know I needed. Immediately became a shortcut on my watch.”

Chris Webb





Latest News

WunderPebble 1.2 with Folder Support

Version 1.2 of WunderPebble has just been released. After countless hours of tireless work, I'm proud to announce support for Folders. Just last Thursday Wunderlist released a new version of Wunderlist with support for Folders and a new, more minimal look. The latest...

I Think I just Got a Free Pebble Time

Pebble is officially one of the coolest companies ever. Today when I logged into my CloudPebble account, I saw a popup saying that because I was an active developer, Pebble wanted to give me a free Pebble Time. When I saw it, I originally thought it was some sort of...

New Pebble Time Steel & Smart Straps

Most people assumed that there would be a Pebble Time Steel, but it came sooner than expected. The new Pebble Time Steel, announced today on Kickstarter, features a larger 10 day battery, steel casing and a screen bonded directly to the top glass. Other than that, it...

1000 WunderPebble Downloads & Counting

I'm happy to announce that today we reached our 1000th download of WunderPebble. I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that so many people enjoy my app. In the coming weeks and months I will continue to improve WunderPebble, adding new feature and...

Don't Be Shy

If the FAQ doesn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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